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Director científico del Congreso:

Sr. Christopher Hinteregger
Alturos Destinations, Austria


Discurso principal:

Sr. Dimitrios Buhalis eTourismLab Universidad de Bournemouth, Reino Unido


Discurso de clausura:

por anunciar



Sr. Albert Grau, MAGMA Hospitality Consulting, España


Ponentes y expertos de las sesiones

Prof. Dr. Marco Gardini, Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Kempten, Alemania

Dr. Fiona Pià, Escuela Politécnica Federal de Lausana (EPFL) y arquitecta y socia del dl-a, designlab-architecture, Suiza

Sr. Daniel Gauthier, Le Massif de Charlevoix, Canadá (tbc)

Sra. Niina Pietikäinen, Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, Finlandia

Sr. Paul Bulencea, Colegio de experiencias extraordinarias, Rumania

Sr. Hiroyuki Nishimura, Venture Republic Inc., Japón

Sr. Dan Holowack, Crowd Riff, Canadá

Sr. Victor Gorgas, Grupo Inmark, España

Sra. Chantal Beck, Federación Suiza de Turismo, Suiza

Sra. Natalia Kashirskaya, Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko, Bulgaria

Prof. Simon Milne, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Nueva Zelanda

Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe, MonViso Institute, Suiza

Sra. Peggy Amelung, Amelung & Partners Hospitality Consulting, España

Sr. Omar Valdez, Fundación UNWTO.Themis

Sr. Miquel Nicolau, Universidad de Andorra

Sr. Alexis Dussillol, Airbnb Francia

Sra. Carola Scanavino, Municipalidad de Bardonecchia, Italia

Sr. Bruno Hallé, MAGMA Hospitality Consulting, España


Biografias de los expertos y ponentes


Christopher Hinteregger (Austria)

Christopher is a tourism expert with almost 15 years of experience in the field of tourism and destination development. He studied tourism management at the IMC in Krems (Austria) and afterwards he worked for 13 years for Kohl & Partner, the number 1 tourism consultancy in the Alpine Region. He was responsible for the international destination development projects and one of the partners of the company.

During his time at Kohl & Partner Christopher implemented more than 50 tourism projects in 19 countries and was a speaker at more than 30 international tourism conferences in 17 countries.

Christopher is a lecturer at the University of Applied Science IMC Krems (Austria) lecturing “International Consulting – Destination Development”. Since the beginning of 2017 Christopher is working for Alturos Destinations, a company offering IT-solutions for tourism destinations. He is the Head of “Destination Services” offering services in the field of “digitalization in tourism destinations”. With the two brands Skiline (IT-based entertainment tools for Mountain Resorts) and Peaksolution (an online sales solution for tourism destinations) Alturos Destinations is one of the leading companies in this particular field. Go to Top



Dimitrios Buhalis (Reino Unido)

Dimitrios BuhalisProfessor Dimitrios Buhalis is Head of Department Tourism and HospitalityDirector of the eTourism Lab and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research, at Bournemouth University in England.

He is a Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in Information Communication Technology applications in the Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure industries. His research area is cutting across a number of disciplines and is looking into adoption of innovations for creating value for both consumers and organisations. Current research focus includes Smart Tourism, SoCoMo Marketing (Social media Context and Mobile Marketing), Augmented Reality, Experience management and Personalisation, Reputation and Social Media Strategies, Accessible and Special Diet (Alergens) Tourism.

Close collaboration with industry, governments and international organisations from around the world ensures that results have relevance and impact in the real world whilst constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and academic excellence.   Más información: eTourism LabInternational Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research  Go to Top



Albert Grau (España)

Albert Grau

Albert began his career with studies in tourism and hospitality with a Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, ESHT Sant Pol de Mar, and later in Management (Executive Program in Business Administration, EAE, Barcelona). He completed his training with an MBA in International Hospitality Management from Cornell University, Ithaka, NY – groupe ESSEC, Paris, France

His career developed in management positions in international hotel groups such as Barceló Hotel Group and Hyatt Corporation. In 1998 he joins Horwath Consulting Spain as manager and in 2000 he is Director of Development and Positioning for Spain at Mazars Tourism, managing the Barcelona office. In 2004 he co-founded Magma Hospitality Consulting, with offices in Barcelona, Bogotá and London. He is also a professor for the Master’s Degree Programs, MBA: UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)Read more: MAGMA Hospitality ConsultingGo to Top

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SESIÓN 1: Oportunidades y retos de la hospitalidad en los destinos de montaña: reformular los conceptos tradicionales de alojamiento y su gestión y marketing 

En la actualidad, las instalaciones de alojamiento en los destinos de montaña ofrecen mucho más que una cama. El objetivo de esta sesión es determinar cuáles son los nuevos conceptos de los establecimientos de alojamiento en los destinos de montaña y averiguar por qué algunos tienen más éxito que otros.

Marco Gardini (Alemania)

Marco A. Gardini

Dr. Marco A. Gardini is Professor of International Hospitality Management and Marketing and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism at the UAS Kempten, Germany. Prior to joining the University of Applied Sciences Kempten, he was Faculty Head of the Hospitality Department and Professor of Service Management and Marketing at the International University Bad HonnefHe studied International Management, Marketing and Psychology in Marburg and Gießen and holds a Master Degree and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Germany.

Coming from a family owned Gastronomy Business, his professional activities include more than twenty years of marketing, consulting and training experience in multinational companies and consultancy firms (i.e. Accor, NH Hoteles, Falkensteiner, Design Hotels, Thomas Cook, Treugast). He teaches Undergraduate, Graduate and Executive Education courses in German and English.

The last fifteen years he has been a guest lecturer at various German and International Universities (i.e. JLU Gießen, FU Bozen, Emirates Academy Dubai, MCI Innsbruck, HWTH Chur, GUTech Oman). His main research areas are International Hospitality Management and Marketing, Service Quality, Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management, Total Quality Management and HR Management.

He is author and editor of several German standard textbooks on Tourism, Hospitality Marketing and Management. Furthermore, he has published numerous articles in refereed journals, magazines and newspapers.

Fiona Pià (Suiza)

Fiona Pià

Dr. Fiona Pià holds a PHD in architecture and urban planning from the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). Her research focuses on the elaboration of new models of urbanization and sustainable mobility in the mountains. Her work has been awarded several times and is of great interest to academics as well as concerned local communities.

In addition to her academic and scientific research work at LAMU (EPFL's Urban architecture and mobility laboratory), Fiona Pià is a partner architect of dl-a, designlab-architecture LLC in Geneva. Her firm is leading in the design and implementation of alpine projects such as "Montagne Alternative" (Valais-Suisse). Designlab-architecture is also among the leading firms in the Andermatt Swiss Alps Project (Uri-Switzerland). Dr. Pia's academic publications; Dr. Pia's architecture related projectsGo to Top


SESIÓN 2: Diversificación del desarrollo de productos, de la oferta de alojamiento y de los servicios complementarios

Con el aumento de la competencia, muchos destinos de montaña tratan de ofrecer regularmente a sus huéspedes productos turísticos nuevos y destacados, instalaciones de alojamiento innovadoras u otras instalaciones complementarias. Esta sesión servirá para reflexionar en torno al sector del turismo de montaña y sus necesidades. 

Daniel Gauthier (Canadá) (tbc)

En breve

Niina Pietikäinen (Finlandia)

Niina PietikäinenMs. Niina Pietikäinen is Director for Business Development and entrepreneur in 3rd generation at Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, an accommodation and adventure operator in Muonio, Lapland Finland.

Harriniva is known as one of the first internationally recognized wilderness operators in Finland and has been all through its history one of the best-known Finnish tourism companies, due to a combination of constant development and innovativeness combined with values and a trust in own core strengths. Niina Pietikäinen has been the director of sales and marketing in Harriniva ltd for 10 years, moving on to current position 1,5 years ago. Before that she spent a nearly 7 year period abroad living and studying in various European countries and gaining a BBA in European Business Administration and knowledge of 6 foreign languages. She has followed her fathers and grandfathers footsteps by participating strongly in the development of the area as well as tourism on local and also national level.

She is a member of the board of directors of Muonio Tourism, member of the tourist board in the Lappish Chamber of Commerce, member of tourism development groups under the Travel and Restauration Labour Market Organization (MaRa) and under the  Ministry of Employment and Economy (TEM). The dearest lobbying to her is however responsible tourism, as operating in one of the last untouched wilderness. She is also a member of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) Finland.   Más información:  Harriniva Hotels & SafarisGo to Top

Paul Bulencea (Rumania)

Paul BulenceaSince he published the book "Gamification in Tourism: How to Design Memorable Experiences" in 2015, Paul Bulencea has lectured about designed or implemented memorable experiences in more than ten countries around the globe.

Following his vision to help organisations step in the Experience Economy, he has co-founded an immersive design thinking conference called The College of Extraordinary Experiences. Paul best describes himself as an experience designer.  Más información: The College of Extraordinary ExperiencesGamification in Tourism 

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SESIÓN 3: TI, medios de comunicación y tecnologías de marketing: la repercusión de los cambios en las reglas de juego para los destinos de montaña y los agentes implicados

Las soluciones de TI, los macrodatos y la digitalización están revolucionando todos los sectores, y el del turismo no es una excepción. En esta sesión se abordará este sector en auge y su repercusión en los destinos turísticos.

Hiroyuki Nishimura (Japón)

Hiroyuki NishimuraHiroyuki is a graduate from McGill University (Canada) and made his Phd at Nippon Dental University - Pharmaceutical Research Center in 1998.

In 1984 he founded IDB Corporation (a travel system software solution company) and in 2001, together with Kei & Kenichi Shibata Venture Republic Inc. He created the foundation of meta search system. Venture Republic Inc. IPO'ed in 2008 in Japan and later MBO'ed in 2013. Hiroyuki is currently Member of the Board.

He likes flying as he is an instrument rated pilot, with more than 2.000 hours of flight time and owns a Mooney M20J (JA4225) single engine 4 seater. Más información: Venture Republic Inc. 


Christopher Hinteregger (Austria)

See here  Más información: Alturos Destinations

Dan Holowack (Canadá)

Dan HolowackDan Holowack is the CoFounder and CEO of CrowdRiff. He works closely with industry leaders in travel, tourism and marketing to uncover the most cutting edge challenges and solutions for sourcing and scaling visual content to engage audiences. By day, he loves big data, user-generated content, and marketing automation. By night (and on weekends!) you can catch him windsurfing, traveling with his better half, or jamming on his bass guitar.

CrowdRiff is a visual marketing platform used by over 250 tourism brands to discover, organize, acquire rights and publish the most engaging visual content across every channel, at scale.

Connect with Dan on Twitter @dholowack or at

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SESIÓN 4: Herramientas para la gestión de la calidad en los destinos de montaña

Hoy en día, los viajeros van adquiriendo cada vez más experiencia y sus expectativas sobre la calidad van en aumento. En esta sesión se hablará sobre la gestión de la calidad y sobre cómo mejorar la calidad de la experiencia del visitante.

Victor Gorgas (España)

Victor GorgasMr. Victor Gorgas graduated in Communication Sciences, and achieved a Diploma in Hotel and Quality Management and holds a Master in Marketing. He has acquired extensive knowledge in development, management and marketing of tourism activities through previously held having management positions at Maritz Travel, Travelplan, Condor Vacations, Marsans Group, Intercontinental Hotels, Ritz Hotel, Golden Tulip Worldwide, Novotec, LEO Partners and Inmark.

With 40 years of experience in tourism planning, development, management and marketing, Victor's experience as a consultant for projects for companies, institutions and governments is focused on innovation management, planning, positioning, competitive intelligence and experiential marketing. Victor is considered an international renowned expert in quality, having designed and managed most of the Spanish Tourism Quality Plan, as a pioneer project on an international scale. Under his direction, the Intercontinental Hotel Madrid received the award for the best business hotel in Europe. Among other positions Viktor chaired the International Committee of the ISO for Tourist Accommodation

He is a registered consultant for the European Development Bank and UNWTO, acted as Secretary of the Spanish Association of Tourism Consultancies and in addition is member of AECIT. Mr. Gorgas was guest and tenured lecturer at the Catholic University San Antonio in Murcia (UCAM), Spain and invited to collaborate with other Universities in Spain and Latin America. He has published several scientific articles and books (among them the only UNWTO publication on quality in tourism) and has an exhaustive knowledge of countries in Americas, Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East. Más información:  Grupo InmarkGo to Top

Chantal Beck (Suiza)

Chantal BeckChantal studied Tourism at the University for Applied Sciences in Sierre/Switzerland. After some working experience in the hotel industry and tour operators she joined the Swiss Tourism Federation in Bern where she is Vice-director and Responsible for the Department of Quality Labels.

Besides that she has a University diploma of Business Administration for Non profit organizations and she is teaching „Politics in Tourism“ and Quality Management" at the Tourism Academy in Lucerne/Switzerland. Más información The Quality Label for Swiss Tourism Go to Top



Natalia Kashirskaya (Bulgaria)

Natalia KashirskayaMs Kashirskaya started her career in 2005 at Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she spent eight years gaining experience in different departments, changing various managerial positions. In 2012, Ms Kashirskaya became the Executive Assistant Manager of Kempinski Hotel Moika 22. The following year she moved to China, where she successfully opened Sunrise Kempinski Hotel and Yanqi Island in Beijing as Hotel Manager.

Two years later she spent half a year in Moscow being tasked by Kempinski Head Office as Project Manager in the Russia office, and afterwards four months in Cairo at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski as a Hotel Manager of task force. Then she moved to Dubai, where she held a Hotel Manager position for one year before moving to Bansko, Bulgaria.

Ms Kashirskaya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Higher National Diploma in International Management from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. She is a Russian national and in addition to her mother tongue, she speaks fluent English and French. Más información: Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena BanskoGo to Top

Simon Milne (Nueva Zelanda)

Simon Milne

Simon Milne is Professor of Tourism at Auckland University of Technology, where he is Director of the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute. Simon completed his PhD in economic geography at Cambridge University in 1989 and then taught at McGill University, Montreal for ten years before returning to New Zealand in 1999.

For the past 30 years Simon’s research has focused on the interface between tourism, information and communication technologies, community and sustainable economic development. Much of Simon’s research aims to develop applied solutions to pressing tourism development needs in both developed and developing nations.

Simon has consulted to a number of international organisations including UNESCAP, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, the European Union, the World Bank and the Organisation of American States. Simon has worked in mountain environments and settings around the world and has focused in particular on the need to enhance both the visitor and host community experience of tourism and visitor development. Much of his work focuses on the development of research to underpin local decision support systems and to enhance effective strategy development at enterprise, community and destination scales.  Más información: New Zealand Tourism Research InstituteGo to Top


SESIÓN 5: La gestión del conocimiento y la creación de capacidad: claves para el éxito

Contar con hoteles, pistas de esquí e instalaciones turísticas que satisfagan al turista es solo una cara de la moneda del éxito de un destino de montaña: hay otros factores, como la gestión del conocimiento, la calidad de los servicios y la creación de capacidad que también intervienen.

Tobias Luthe (Suiza/Italia)

Tobias LutheDr. Tobias Luthe is professor for sustainability science at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, and lecturer at ETH Zurich, University of Lugano (all Switzerland) and University of Freiburg, Germany. As a transdisciplinary sustainability scientist with a graduate training in forest sciences and wood engineering, in environmental economics, economic geography and in communication on sustainability, Luthe is interested in place-based human-environment relations and the transition to a more sustainable society – across disciplines, industry sectors and in various geographies. 

He has been trained both in the natural and social sciences and is used to combine, mix and integrate rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods. He teaches courses in human-environment systems - such as sustainable tourism -, in environmental change, resilience, systemic design, environmental engineering, and sustainability management, favourably in a didactic setting of outdoor experiences and blended learning. His interests in employing science for helping to design a more sustainable world are matched with his entrepreneurial mindset.

Dr. Luthe is founding director of the MonViso Institute, a mountain hub and real-world laboratory for research, education and entrepreneurship in sustainability transitions and systemic design, situated in the Italian Piedmont mountains. As a certified mountaineering guide and professional ski instructor he founded Grown, an outdoor creativity lab, with the invention of the most eco-friendly skis, and offers outdoor sport adventures in combination with design thinking and science communication in wild places. Más información  The MonViso InstituteGo to Top

Peggy Amelung (España)

Peggy Amelung

"Ah, you are the woman who is turning this hotel upside down“, stated once Jon Fadri Huder, Mayor of Samedan, Engadin. With enormous enthusiasm and energy Amelung & Partners implements customer driven recipes to accelerate innovation in the hospitality world.

When Francis Ford Coppola decided to streamline the service at his Palazzo Margherita luxury hotel in Southern Italy's Basilicata region he turned to Amelung & Partners. With a background in hotel operations and training Peggy Amelung, adds her magic touch to even the most polished hotel or customer management. As hospitality consultant, Peggy Amelung not only lends her years of expertise and her meticulous attention to detail to a client's project, true to their mantra 'simple completeness', she is also at hand to help the hotel team deliver on their promise with dedicated training and coaching programmes helped by being fluent in German, English, Italian and Spanish.

With a degree in hotel business administration, her position as a restaurant manager at the long established Gogärtchen was the stepping stone to a career that led her first to New York as part of the opening management teams of The Regent Wall Street Hotel followed by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Central Park and then on to Bulgari Hotels & Resorts first hotel in Milan – arguably one of the best hotels in the world. Más información:Amelung & Partners Go to Top

Omar Valdez (Andorra)

Omar ValdezOmar Valdez, argentino, es Licenciado en Relaciones Públicas y realizó un Master Ejecutivo en Dirección de Turismo en el Instituto de Empresa en Madrid.

Omar trabajó en diferentes industrias en Buenos Aires (Telecomunicaciones, IT, Medios sociales) antes de trasladarse al Principado de Andorra, donde trabajó en Grandvalira (centro de esquí más grande de los Pirineos y uno de los más grandes de Europa) durante tres años. En 2004 se incorporó a la Fundación OMT.Themis como Senior Consultant.

La Fundación OMT.Themis, fundada en 1998 y con sede en el Principado de Andorra, es responsable de implementar el programa de trabajo en materia de Educación y Formación de la Organización Mundial del Turismo, con el objetivo de apoyar a sus Estados Miembros en la mejora de la calidad, competitividad y sostenibilidad del sector turístico a través de la excelencia en la educación y la formación. Desde 2010, Omar es el Director Ejecutivo de la Fundación. Más información: UNWTO.Themis Foundation Go to Top

Miquel Nicolau (Andorra)

Miquel NicolauMiquel Nicolau i Vila has been president of the Universitat d’Andorra (UdA) since May 2015, when he was unanimously elected by the University Council. Born in 1962 and having trained in many fields, he holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the Universitat Ramon Lull (URL). He also holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and a Master’s Degree in Intelligent Systems and Parallel Environments from the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)

Under his recent positions of responsibility in academia, he has coordinated the UdA presidency and has directed research and the doctoral programme. Previously, he has been a professor and member of the governing team of Universitat Ramon Lull (URL), and also a professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and UPC. Más información: Universitat d’Andorra, Postgraduate Diploma in Mountain Tourism Destination Management

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SESIÓN 6: La repercusión de las nuevas plataformas en línea y de los conceptos de la economía colaborativa en el sector del alojamiento de los destinos de montañan

Las nuevas plataformas en línea y los conceptos de la economía colaborativa brindan otras posibilidades a los destinos de montaña en lo que respecta a la oferta y promoción de los alojamientos. En esta sesión, los operadores de las plataformas y de los destinos de montaña hablarán acerca de las últimas novedades sobre el tema.

Alexis Dussillol (Francia)

Alexis DussillolAlexis joined the Sales team of Airbnb's Paris office back in 2012. He quickly focused on ski markets in France - especially the French Alps - as a business developer. The first focus was to work on the "Cold Beds" by partnering with ski resorts to convince non-renters to market their homes on Airbnb (25% of Airbnb's ski supply was not in market before Airbnb).

He then developed professional supply by developing API's with the major softwares. The next challenges will be to launch the Experience platform in ski markets and test new types of lodging supply. Go to Top




Carola Scanavino (Italia)

En breve....  Más información: Tourism BardonecchiaBardonecchia Ski ResortTurismo Torino e Provincia

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Bruno Hallé (Spain)

Bruno HalleFrom a hotel family, he began his career with studies in Hospitality and Tourism, and later in Management: MBA in International Hospitality Management from Cornell University, PDD from IESE Business School, Barcelona and several postgraduate degrees from Cornell University.

Bruno has been passionate about his work in hospitality and strategic consulting for the last 20 years, 13 of which have been devoted to his own company, Magma Hospitality Consulting. With offices in Barcelona and London, Bruno has working experience in more than 25 countries, executing more than 250 market and feasibility studies for national and international investors and hotel groups. Mas información: MAGMA Hospitality ConsultingGo to Top


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