Pierre Claessen



Flaine Tourism Office, Flaine, France

A graduate from Management and International Commerce in Paris

During 12 years (1990-2002), Pierre Claessen mainly worked as a ski instructor during the winter period in places like St. Moritz, Verbier (Switzerland), Vail (United States) and La Plagne, Les Menuires, Les Arcs (France) During the summer months, he was based in Paris and worked in the luxury tourism segment as a freelance, being in charge of all travel logistics (security, hotel bookings, embassy/diplomatic meetings) for VIP clients coming from Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates.

In 2002, Mr. Claessen took over management of a booking center in a major French Ski resort. During his 4 years, he achieved positive growth results in bookings, and structured some internal developments.

In the last 5 years, he became the Manager and currently the Director for the Tourism Board in the French Ski resort Flaine. It is based in Haute-Savoie, France and is located 1 hour from Geneva Airport. With 265 km of trails, Flaine is one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe.

In Flaine, his first mission was to positively increase the frequentation and when looking at the last 4 years, it is seen positive growth in both the winter and summer months. Being in charge of these new strategies, he have to maintain and reinforce them moving forward. During these years, he have also become a tutor and instructor for the IUT (Institut University) of Annecy, France.

Others responsibilities are to oversee Flaine’s web strategy. It is paying off as Flaine’s website is regularly cited by many specialized site and social networks, as a “young and dynamic ski resort”, which completely corresponds with their brand awareness strategy.

In the winter season of 2011 and 2012, Flaine was rewarded by 2 famous English specialized websites.

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