Minister of Tourism and Trade of the Government of Andorra Message

H.E. Mr. Francesc Camp Torres

Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Principality of Andorra

Welcome to the 9th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism World Congress.

One of the main conclusions of the last Congress held in Andorra la Vella 2004 exposed the need, for all mountain destinations, to deseasonalise in order to face a sustained growth in the future. I have already said in the closing speech that the summer season is much more automatic than winter ones. The main difficulty is in knowing how to search and find spectators that like a particular activity, and at the same time, how to create activities which provide enjoyment to the public we want to attract.

Considering the good evaluation of the last Congress, expressed by the vast majority of the participants, in this edition we undertook an in-depth analysis of tourist proposals that currently are the attraction engines of many mountain destinations, not to mention the sustainability improvement.

The Sport Tourism proposes multiple sporting disciplines, including recreational and entertainment activities that are presently practiced during the holidays. It is not considered only as a sporting activity but that is looking for the perfect combination between health and welfare. We also stress which kind of sporting events can be more relevant, both to generate visibility of the destination as to attract more visitors.

The Adventure Tourism is one of the most dynamic segments of the tourism industry; it is a great promoter and a key element of its growth. It offers a huge sort of possibilities for the development of destinations who want to enhance a sustained growth. Physical activity, natural environment and cultural immersion are its main components and, at the same time, the principal axes used by the tourist destinations to create memorable experiences, which can be genuine and exciting.

The offer we propose to the visitors can proceed from the authenticity of the used resources and also from the creation of new attractions that could be cataloged as artificial.

The Adventure Tourism and the Sport Tourism in the natural environment are based on very complementary activities that are built in the Nature Tourism, as some people called it.

Andorra, as a tourist destination, is the ideal place to address all these issues. It is a paradise for nature and mountain lovers, hiking can provide an infinite number of adventures and can make us enjoy an incomparable forest territory, which represents 90% of the 468 km2 of the surface of the country. Andorra also stands out because of the extensive range of sports practiced and its extensive experience in attracting world-level events in many disciplines, such as mountain biking and skiing. Mountain races, ultratrails as well as important cycling events (Tour de France, Vuelta, etc.) we offer an all-year extensive proposal.

We wish to provide the Congress continuity with content that impress you and also the attendees can apply in their respective destinations. The Congress represents a great opportunity to make contact and share experiences with many other professionals from the area.

The City Council of Sant Julià de Lòria, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Ministry of Tourism and Trade are doing its utmost to offer an excellent level of presentations and discussions.

I encourage you to come and actively participate in the meetings and I hope you enjoy and learn a great deal during the Congress.

I take this greeting also to thank the support you have given us, thank you for your participation, for which the Congress is consolidated as a benchmark in the world of mountain tourism.


H.E. Mr. Francesc Camp

Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Principality of Andorra