Message from the Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany

Hon. Ms. Trinitat Marin Gonzalez

Hon. Ms. Trinitat Marin Gonzalez

Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany

In 1998 Escaldes-Engordany hosted the very first World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism. It was a great success and ensured the continuation of the event. Ten editions later, this parish is once again hosting the congress, which has been established itself as the "must go" event for professionals, politicians and industry experts in the international tourism calendar.

As the Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany, it therefore gives me great pleasure to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this very successful project, which is the fruit of active cooperation between the seven parishes and the Government of Andorra. I am certain that this year’s congress will enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences in this field, and allow us to take further steps in the development of more attractive destinations designed not only to meet the needs of tourists, but also those of professionals, citizens and, above all, the country itself.

This year, the World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism will encourage discussion of the issue of tourist accommodation. This is an unavoidable issue for mountain destinations such as Andorra, which has considerably increased its total capacity of tourist accommodation in recent years. 

The congress also aims to reflect on the new tourism-oriented models that are designed to help the groups that provide tourist accommodation find a way of adapting to meet the changing behaviour of visitors.

An additional aim is to ensure that these talks are oriented towards finding a balance between preserving the country’s natural environment and making the most of its infrastructure. Snow tourism is a key driver of mountain-based economies, but so are the area’s natural resources, which are underpinned by its biodiversity. This must be preserved and respected in order to ensure it continues to remain part of the identity of the local communities.

My hope is that, once again, the World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism will continue to serve as a global benchmark for excellent organisation, quality content, prestigious speakers and, above all, innovative ideas and the projects that grow out of them in the future.

Hon. Ms. Trinitat Marin Gonzalez

Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany