Laurent Vanat


Consultant, Geneva, Switzerland

Laurent Vanat is a generalist who also knows how to transform himself rapidly into a specialist. Holding a degree in business and industrial science from the University of Geneva, he has more than 25 years of professional experience as a consultant and as a collaborator involved in management positions in businesses. He has experience in posts dealing with sales, financial management and general management. He has also advised firms and organizations of all kinds and has knowledge of many economic branches.

Mr. Vanat is active in the field of accommodation and leisure and has been very closely following the area of mountain resorts for several years. He publishes an annual overview of this market. By carrying out a broad analysis of the European and world markets in search of new information that makes it possible to follow their evolution and to give ideas to operators, this overview, which is disseminated in a selective manner, is already highly regarded by major operators and entities active in Alpine tourism. One of its objectives is to provide input for reflection to the entire sector and to raise awareness among local actors regarding major developments and new ideas.

With a view to widening the perspective of the main winter sports destinations, he has compiled data since 2009 at the international level to produce an overview of the global situation (most recent version available: "2011 International report on mountain tourism", available on the "publications" page of the website – with the full document in English and excerpts being also available in French and German).

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